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Red Giant Opens Public Beta for Trapcode Mir 2

Red Giant announces a Public Beta of Trapcode Mir 2, a motion graphics tool that allows users to create 3D surfaces for use in motion graphics and visual effects.

Technology developer Red Giant has announced a Public Beta of the popular motion graphics tool, Trapcode Mir 2. Current users of Trapcode Mir 1.0 can download the latest beta for Mir 2 from the Trapcode website.

Trapcode Suite is the industry-standard tool for motion graphics in After Effects. One of the tools in its roster, Trapcode Mir creates 3D surfaces for use in motion graphics and visual effects. It is a GPU-accelerated effect, allowing After Effects users to shape, animate and light 3D surfaces in real-time.

Trapcode Founder Peder Norrby has already implemented some new features in the Mir 2 beta, including:

  • Optimized Rendering – up to three-times faster
  • Z Range controls (found in Fractal group); for example, to create plateau in landscape or to move fractal to "up" only so that amp map only goes "up"
  • Second Pass Wireframe – it is drawn with proper obscuration and fog
  • Quads, which is found under Geometry>Tessellation, and uses quads instead of triangles
  • Memory Management – new pop-up where VRAM can be manually set or memory check turned off completely. It’s useful with high-end cards with >2GB VRAM since Mir's auto-detection only works with <2GB.

While he may not be able to implement all of the requests coming in, some of the items on Peder’s Mir 2 to-do list potentially include: 

  • Reflection maps
  • Specular maps
  • Depth-of-field camera effects
  • Motion blur
  • Loop options for fractal to create seamless animated loops
  • And much more

Join the beta to help determine which features will be implemented!

Source: Red Giant

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