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‘Recorded by Arizal’ Premieres on Rooster Teeth July 13

Original 2D animated series, created and directed by Yssa Badiola, follows a 17-year-old inquisitive could-be heroine on the brink of adulthood.

Recorded by Arizal, a 4-part series, will be released weekly on Rooster Teeth beginning July 13; in the latest 2D animated production from Rooster Teeth, new parts will premiere exclusively for FIRST members before moving to free-to-watch platforms a week later.

The series follows Arizal, a 17-year-old inquisitive could-be heroine on the brink of adulthood and in pursuit of her dream career - to become a record keeper. Is Arizal ready to leave her secluded city-state of Maktaba to create “records” of the outside world? Over a series of personal vlogs, Arizal ponders the adventure she is convinced she’s ready to go on, probably!

Recorded by Arizal is created by director Yssa Badiola, a graduate from California College of the Arts who began her animation career at Bento Box Entertainment. When she is not directing animated series, she appears on-camera in several Rooster Teeth productions and co-hosts the animation podcast, I Have Notes.

Recorded by Arizal stars the voices of Christine Marie Cabanos as Arizal, Christina Stuckart as Lia, and Monica Rial as Tita Cherry.

Source: Rooster Teeth