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Realtime UK Destroys Paris in ‘Rubicon X’ Trailer

Manchester and Westby-based animation studio creates cinematic CG-animated game trailer for ‘War of Tanks: Rubicon X.’

Manchester and Westby-based animation studio Realtime UK recently made a return to the award-winning MMO game World of Tanks with a new CG trailer for the latest release, Rubicon X.

Set in an alternate version of historical 1940s Paris, France, the new trailer takes the viewer on an atmospheric journey, slowly unveiling an eerie, war-torn city before unleashing an onslaught of serious weaponry that culminates in the total destruction of the Eiffel Tower:

Tasked with showcasing the game’s newest features such as rocket strikes, and portraying strategic elements, Realtime UK artists sought to create a realistic version of the iconic city, while evoking a vintage feel. The Eiffel Tower environment was re-created to match real-life Paris, giving a sense of authenticity to the scenes.

“Upgrading to V-Ray 3.2 allowed us to make use of the renderer's improved proxy system so that our scenes could be filled with clutter without causing issues during rendering. As with previous trailers, every asset is an XRef, so we can iterate on models, textures and shaders even after we've assembled them into the shots,” says Realtime UK Senior Generalist/VFX TD Chris Scubli.

“Due to V-Ray 3.2 we've been able to better integrate our volumetric fluid simulations into the scenes, using the new V-Ray Volume Grid,” Scubli adds. “This means our smoke and dust is now correctly lit by HDRIs and global illumination, without a big impact to render times.”

Check out the VFX breakdown in the player below:

Source: Realtime UK

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