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Reallusion Releases iClone Motion LIVE Full-Body Mocap System

Solution integrates multi-device capture of face, body and hands into new real-time motion tracking platform.  

SAN JOSE, CA -- Reallusion has launched a new multi-device motion capture system, iClone Motion LIVE, that allows users to mix and capture with different motion capture gear for face, body and hands. Faceware, Xsens, Perception Neuron, OptiTrack, as well as Leap Motion can now be integrated into a new technology-blending platform for real-time motion tracking with Reallusion iClone.

Motion LIVE can animate custom imported characters or fully-rigged 3D characters. The easy workflow and intuitive plug-and-play system synchronizes multiple mocap devices streamed from different gear for use in virtual production, performance animation, live tv and web broadcasting.

Motion LIVE Features

Capture and View Live Performances

Motion LIVE enables motion actors and others in the room to view the capture on any 3D character in real-time.  Motion actors and directors have the ability to see and respond to the performance and better impersonate CG characters they are portraying.

Synchronous Full-body Motion Capture for Face, Body & Hands

Motion LIVE is a head-to-toe motion capture solution that supports industry-standard mocap technology. Connect popular gear with a few clicks to capture from multiple devices, controlling single or multiple characters in real-time.  Since the success of Perception Neuron Mocap Plug-in in 2016 and Faceware Facial Mocap Plug-in in 2017.  Reallusion adds partner technologies from Leap Motion, Xsens, Rokoko, Apple and Optitrack in 2018 to provide a total full-body mocap system.

Motion Capture for Multiple Characters

The iClone Motion LIVE interface makes characters selectable and assignable to motion actors.  Control multiple character performance with a single motion actor or use multiple motion actors to capture performances for multiple characters.  iClone Motion LIVE can capture as many motion actors as are tracking, simultaneously with real-time rendering of the characters’ animation. 

Body Motion Capture Gear for Live Animation

The Xsens MVN Link and MVN Awinda smoothly integrate with Motion LIVE delivering industry-proven, reliable body motion capture data.  In tandem with Motion LIVE’s integrated mocap functions, Xsens is a trustworthy virtual production system, which allows professional studios to capture every critical moment and always perform with results in time sensitive events.

Animate Characters from Forearms to Fingers

The Leap Motion Controller’s accurate hand tracking technology is a small USB device with big tracking power placed on the desktop or mounted on the forehead. Users instantly turn a desktop into an unprecedented hand capture station with gear that everyone can own.

Import Custom 3D Characters

The iClone character pipeline can import a rigged FBX and prepare the character for motion capture and animation in iClone.  Imported characters may have morphs and bones for facial animation which is setup using iClone 3DXchange 7.  Animate imported character rigs with iClone Motion LIVE or iClone’s keyframe, curves or motion puppets. 

Export to Game Engines and Animation Tools

Export custom 3D character animations as FBX for games and CG production.  The iClone character pipeline has custom export presets to send characters and animations from iClone to Unity, Unreal, Maya, 3DS Max, C4D, CryEngine, and blender.

Italy’s Invader Studios utilized iClone and Faceware in development of their third person survival horror game, ‘Daymare:1998.’

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Source: Reallusion