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Reallusion Releases ActorCore AccuRIG Update with Mobile View & Web Embed

Latest enhancements to free auto-rig application enable top interactive online presentations where you can embed animated 3D characters into websites and easily share them using mobile devices.

Reallusion has just unveiled exciting enhancements to its acclaimed free auto-rig application, ActorCore AccuRIG. Designers can now effortlessly share their rigged 3D characters using ActorCore's interactive 3D viewer, guaranteeing dynamic presentations on websites and mobile devices, catering to both personal and professional needs.

What’s New with AccuRIG

AccuRIG has been a trusted tool for tens of thousands of 3D users, thanks to its intuitive interface that delivers precise full-body rigging and boosted productivity. In addition to its compatibility with all major 3D platforms, the program allows artists to seamlessly upload their rigged models to the ActorCore online platform. Here, they gain access to an extensive library of over 2,400 mocap animations, all crafted to guarantee the highest quality and practicality for 3D productions.

With ActorCore's latest features, mobile view and web embed, anyone can effortlessly showcase their rigged models by generating simple web embed codes, thereby creating interactive displays on their chosen websites. They can also readily share these creations with any mobile device using a QR code or web link. Whether it's for personal sharing with friends and family, collaborative team projects, or for product presentations and marketing endeavors, ActorCore offers a perfect solution to exhibit creative work online and on the go.

Customizable Character Display

ActorCore lets you share animated 3D characters and tailor them to your liking. Using the 3D viewer, which provides real-time feedback, designers can effortlessly fine-tune various aspects including lighting, background, atmosphere, camera angles, and select their preferred thumbnails for the perfect presentation. Additionally, they can curate their own motion list from ActorCore's extensive collection of high-quality mocap animations. This level of customization enables users to showcase their models with distinct characteristics and aesthetics, ensuring they stand out when shared across social media, websites, and mobile platforms.

For Web Embed & Mobile View

Designers can take their customization a step further by adjusting settings such as background transparency, screen size, camera lock, and other display details before embedding the character on a website. By simply scanning the QR code or clicking the web link provided in an email or instant messaging, viewers gain instant access to the 3D model, complete with the personalized settings, on any mobile device. This not only facilitates interaction with the character in multiple ways but also elevates the overall presentation to deliver a highly engaging and immersive experience.

Immersive Experience

3D modelers now have the ability to embed their creations on blogs or personal websites, enabling others to not only view but also interact with their pieces. For businesses, incorporating these 3D models into their websites offers visually captivating elements that help sustain customer interest. Marketing professionals can embed 3D mascots on a variety of websites and easily share them with mobile devices, thereby boosting sales, product visibility, and brand awareness. The potential for ActorCore Mobile View & Web Embed is truly boundless. Visit the Samples & Tips page for inspiration and discover the limitless possibilities.

Try It for Yourself

Download AccuRIG, the free auto-rigging tool, today and experience firsthand how you can captivate your audience with ActorCore Mobile View & Web Embed. Also, check out the Sandbox to gain hands-on experience and explore the remarkable capabilities of this innovative tool. Don't miss out on the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your audience — get started now!

Source: Reallusion

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