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Reallusion Launches iClone Character Creator 1.4

Blend morphs to create stylized 3D characters with just a few clicks.

SAN JOSE, CA -- Reallusion has announced the launch of iClone Character Creator 1.4. iClone users now can make use of Character Creator to design stylized 3D characters and create infinite character morph possibilities. Base characters or derivative morphs work with iClone, Autodesk, Unity, Unreal and are approved for indie or commercial productions. Monetize Character Creator 1.4 by selling your custom character morphs in the Reallusion marketplace.

In the past, developing stylized 3D characters for animation was a process that included modelling rigging, texturing and animating in order to master the complete process. Character Creator (CC) 1.4 eliminates the vexing process of modeling 3D characters from scratch, speeding up creation with the advantage of combining existing morphs, shaping body and facial features with the mouse or a comprehensive library of morph sliders. With the compatibility of external 3D sculpting tools like Zbrush, Mudbox, or Sculptris, Character Creator 1.4 is a fast, easy, and exquisite way to develop fully-rigged 3D characters.

Create Custom Base Morphs

  • Get More New Characters by Blending Different Morphs:
    The power of the Morph Slider shines when you start mixing and blending between multiple Morph Sliders. Easily combine multiple, unique and iconic body shapes from your library to create a family of specialized characters by adding a touch of morphing from different base models.
  • Create Morphs with 3D Sculpting Tools:
    If you have a good grasp on 3D modeling tools such as ZBrush, 3D-Coat, Mudbox, or even free ones like Sculptris and Blender, then you have the freedom of sculpting an exclusive character based on your own design.  Export the CC base model and use it to sculpt into a new 3D character.
  • Extreme Styles that Go Beyond Imagination:
    Character Creator is bound only by your imagination! With a little bit of creativity, you can make jaw-dropping characters that will impress anyone.

Create Morphable Parts

  • Specific Morphs for Body Parts:

Besides full body morphs, you can also create individual morph sliders for specific body parts. Easily build an entire library of unique parts for your future character designs!

  • Specific Morphs for Face Parts:

Facial features can also be custom designed in Character Creator or with other 3rd party modeling tools. Create and apply unique facial details such as a witch’s nose, elf ears, clown mouth, or fishy eyes to make your character stand out.

Source: Reallusion