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Reallusion Launches iClone 3D Video Compositing Studio Pack

Leading 2D and 3D animation software and content developer teams with Digital Juice to offer 3D compositing package for video editors featuring real-time animation, dynamic 3D video montage, and 3D layering effects.

SAN JOSE, CA -- Reallusion, a 2D and 3D animation software and content developer, has announced the launch of a 3D composting solution for everyday video editors, the iClone 3D Video Compositing Studio pack. The bundle features real-time animation for virtual newsrooms, dynamic 3D video montage, 3D layering effects & transparent videos inside Reallusion’s iClone 6. The company has collaborated with leading visual effects provider, Digital Juice, to offer popular video assets in one complete package at a competitive price.

iClone 3D Video Compositing – Studio available at $399.00 – includes:

  • iClone 6 PRO
  • popVideo Converter 3
  • Super VFX 200
  • Virtual Studio Vol. 1
  • Motion Montage Vol. 1
  • Virtual Studio Vol. 2
  • Motion Montage Vol. 2
  • Plus, Free Bonus: Character Creator

With a saturation of video channels everywhere, indie video producers are always in search of new, cost-sensitive ways to create outstanding visuals that will differentiate their content from the rest. Now they have the chance, to dive into 3D compositing by easily combining real-life video footage with 3D assets to create virtual studios which were previously only available to professional stations, and animators with years of experience.

Real-time 3D Production - 3D Compositing with Full Customization

Now video editors can break away from simple 2D visuals, by immersing real-life video footage inside a 3D environment with full 3D video compositing. This is done thanks to a real-time 3D engine that allows users to freely manipulate a large amount of video textures and props that can directly interact with 3D characters or real video actors. With iClone 6, users can rearrange video layers, adjust HDR light settings, control physics, particle effects, and camera gizmos for a clear range of views and depths of field.

Build 3D Virtual Sets - Intuitive and Customizable Stage Setup

With iClone, users can assemble and customize virtual studios combined with dynamic sets and stages, while turning video footage into workable 3D assets that can become part of a real-time 3D environment. These environments can then be instantly modified and repurposed to any style such as TV studios, trade show booths, or ceremony halls, by simple object repositioning, scaling, drag and drop video texturing, lighting and basic animation.

Dynamic 3D Video Montage - Real 3D Templates for Fast Repurposing

iClone also lends itself to 3D motion montage creation with stunning visual effects that anyone with little-to-no experience can use. With dozens of pre-made templates like animated 3D film strips, flip books, dynamic TV walls and others, users can select any video source, including HD content, and drop it directly onto any of the iClone 3D Video FX Motion Montage props to create broadcast-quality motion graphics without the need for complicated scripting.

Transparent Video Layering Effects - A Selection of Popular Visual Effects

Working with Digital Juice, a world-leader in royalty-free broadcast animation content, Reallusion also offers the Super VFX 200 pack that contains over 200 of the most frequently used visual effects such as explosions, fire, smoke, magic, and revealers that can be layered inside a real 3D space. These video layers can be flexibly material settings for more possibilities.

Convert Video Assets for Real-time Compositing - Turn Existing Assets into Transparent videos

Video makers can create transparent videos from green, blue and other color backgrounds or convert existing alpha images and videos, into transparent videos. They can also work with built-in masking tools and a chroma key timeline editor to cope with irregular shooting scenarios like imperfect lighting, camera movement, or color spill. Exporting in up to 4K video output, with duo-resolution format for optimized real-time 3D production and high-res render for final output.

Source: Reallusion Inc.