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Reallusion Integrates iClone Live Sync with NVIDIA Omniverse

The updated connector enables a two-way USD synchronized character animation workflow with the 3D simulation and collaboration platform for real-time crowd generation with digital twins and AECO.

Reallusion has just released the latest iClone Connector update for NVIDIA Omniverse™, which enables two-way real-time USD synchronization between iClone 8 and Omniverse, empowering users with a straightforward character animation pipeline to Omniverse applications.

John Martin II, Vice President at Reallusion, explains, "The iClone Omniverse Connector simplifies character facial morph animation, body animation, props, cameras, lights, and scene setup for creating inside Omniverse. With Live Sync to Omniverse, users now enjoy seamless two-way USD data transfer and have more intuitive control over the creation process, resulting in a significant reduction in workflow and increased productivity. This proves especially beneficial for industrial visualization projects involving large 3D crowds and animations."

The Latest Innovations

Building on the foundation of a full 3D animation system integrated into NVIDIA Omniverse, the iClone Omniverse Connector brings even greater productivity with its new Live Sync feature, offering real-time animation preview and a seamless two-way workflow. The powerful combination of iClone and Omniverse empowers individuals and design teams to effortlessly create, animate, and deploy 3D characters for digital twins and business simulations, all while fostering seamless collaboration within the Omniverse platform.

Unprecedented Productivity with iClone

Users have been experiencing a remarkable surge in productivity with iClone, the fastest real-time 3D animation software, which empowers them to effortlessly produce professional animations for films, previsualization, simulation, videos, and games. The seamless integration of facial performance, character animation, mocap production, scene design, and cinematic storytelling within iClone's environment makes 3D production on the Omniverse platform accessible to creators of all skill levels. With just a few clicks, users can establish live sync between iClone Connector and Omniverse, witnessing immediate and gratifying simulations at their fingertips.

Real-time Preview & Full-frame Transfer

  • Motion Editing & Preview
    • Simultaneous real-time live preview for animation editing of the face and body.
    • Animate by applying iClone’s premade motions or use the handy editing tools.
    • Character or object interaction are made simple with Reach Target constraints.

  • Full-Frame Animation Transfer
    • Happy with your animation? Selectively send animations to their respective objects when you are ready.
    • Supports bone and morph animations for 3D characters.
    • Animate transformations for props, lights, and cameras.

Intuitive Two-Way Production Workflow

  • Selectively import Omniverse scene data/props as references for iClone character alignment or object interaction.
  • Two-way light creation and property control.
  • Synchronize camera shots and switches in iClone for Omniverse cinematography.

Collaborative Simulation for Businesses

Utilizing iClone Live Sync to Omniverse for deploying digital humans in virtual productions proves exceptionally efficient and productive. Upon entering the completely free and open platform of NVIDIA Omniverse, users gain access to advanced Ray Tracing, enhanced speed, and seamless compatibility with prominent third-party solutions. The platform also integrates cutting-edge AI technologies like Audio2Face for audio-to-animation, rapid GPU rendering, denoising capabilities, and the real-time SSS shader. Together, these features empower advanced character animation for simulation purposes, making Omniverse a top choice for creators interested in collaboration.

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