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React Entertainment Launches 'The Act' Interactive Game

React Entertainment’s new interactive game, “The Act,” uses stunning 2D animation, fun touch controls, and top-notch storytelling to tell the tale of an everyday guy trying to find love.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Want to be a hero, and help the nice guy get the girl? You can do just that in The Act, React Entertainment’s new interactive game that uses stunning 2D animation, fun touch controls, and top-notch storytelling to tell the tale of an everyday guy trying to find love. Now available for download via the Apple App Store for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, this app is the only game out there that makes you feel like you are actually playing an animated movie.

In The Act, players guide Edgar -- a well-meaning window washer -- in his quest to rescue his brother, save his job, and woo Sylvia -- the woman of his dreams. As the players move through the scenes, they make nuanced decisions for Edgar with a simple move of their finger. The musical score, sound effects and character animations respond to these movements, giving the user control of characters and their destiny.

The Act was created by a brilliant team of animators, who instilled life and soul into its characters,” said Omar Khudari, original Author and Director of The Act. “We’re thrilled to see how amazing and interactive the game is on these new platforms, and we’re eager to introduce Edgar and Sylvia to the world!”

This introduction launches the next chapter for a game that already has a rich history. Originally designed in 2003 for video arcade systems, React Entertainment has turned what Khudari and his team of professional animators first envisioned into a unique experience for iOS. Working hard to preserve the ethos and interactivity of the game, the team was able to adapt all the original art and audio work -- fully preserving the original experience -- as they updated it for the new platforms.

“We’re proud to continue the legacy of traditionally-animated 2D games,” said Daniel Kraus, Principal and co-founder of React. “The Act is a great example of how amazing hand-drawn 2D animation can be in a mobile gaming environment.”

Beyond its captivating look and memorable characters, the uniqueness of The Act can also be traced to React’s underlying technology, which gives the game its controllable movie-like feel. This technology, specifically designed to handle 2D character animation sequencing and compositing, was used for both the authoring pipeline and the run-time games engine. With it, 2D character interactions can easily be visually authored and adjusted for animated game titles. The end result is the ability to “play” 2D animation, as if you were participating in the creation of the animation itself.

The Act is available now on Apple's App Store (iOS) for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. For more information on The Act, its history and production credits, visit:

Source: React Entertainment

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