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Re-mastered Akira Coming To Theaters

A re-mastered version of the anime classic AKIRA is coming to theaters in the U.S. Long Beach, California-based Pioneer Entertainment, a top U.S. anime licensing company, is putting US$1 million into restoring the 1988 sci-fi epic. International Video Conversations is re-mastering and re-mixing the audio in Dolby Digital AC3 Surround Sound. In addition, the film will contain a new English dub created from a fresh translation of the Japanese script. Pioneer will release this restored version on DVD and VHS in the fourth quarter. "Restoring this extraordinary film will enable Pioneer Entertainment to re-introduce AKIRA to a new generation and seal its place as the benchmark anime film," said Pioneer Entertainment president Yosuke Kobayashi. Based on a comic book, the story follows a post-World War III motorcycle gang that must stop one of its crazed members after he is given psychic powers in a government experiment.

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