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Ray Fisher Slams Warner Bros. Over George Floyd Tweet

The ‘Justice League’ actor, who has a long history battling the studio and its executives with accusations of racism and on-set mistreatment, has criticized their supposed ‘performative gesture’ in response to the verdict.

Warner Bros. continues to be a target for actor Ray Fisher’s animosity. After the long-awaited “guilty” verdict at George Floyd’s murder trial, many breathed a sigh of relief. However, the WarnerMedia Twitter account released an ill-fated statement about the case that many are now claiming to be a badly disguised performative gesture.

Fisher, being no stranger to pointing an accusatory finger at the studio’s vague internal investigations of racism with no real results, promptly responded.

The studio’s attempt at promoting social justice clearly didn’t sit well with Fisher. Many fans share the Justice League actor’s ire, trending #IStandWithRayFisher all over Twitter. One fan aptly tweeted: "Imagine ignoring your black employees about their experiences of racism within your business and then putting out this post."

Was the Tweet just an effort for the studio to “save face” after Fisher’s relentless campaign, or was it truly a stand against racism?

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