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Raven Moon Offers Gina D For Free

Raven Moon Entertainment, a producer of childrens programming based in Orlando, Florida, is offering U.S. network affiliates and independent television stations the opportunity to telecast up to six airings of 13 episodes of its preschool series GINA DS KIDS CLUB at no charge. In addition, Raven Moon will make participating stations profit participants in all licensing and merchandising revenue. In effect, Raven Moon is offering GINA D on a barter basis, with stations retaining 100% of the commercial airtime so that "both the viewer and the station can benefit from these quality programs," explained Joey DiFrancesco, CEO of Raven Moon and executive producer of the series. Raven Moon will also allocate stations that air the series for two years a pro rata share of 15% of gross profits of all licensing and merchandising revenues from videos, DVDs, music CDs, toys, clothing and other character-related paraphernalia for a period of five years. According to DiFrancesco, he borrowed the concept from the producers of BARNEY who offered their programs to PBS at no charge in exchange for exposure on the network. Raven Moon recently signed a strategic alliance with Greenview Toys, a New York-based importer and domestic distributor of plush toys and novelty items, to assist in the manufacturing and distribution of the GINA D toy line.