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Rampant Design Tools Announces Partnership with That Studio

Rampant Design Tools announces a strategic partnership with That Studios, a partnership that will provide targeted, high quality, and practical visual effects for studios and indie filmmakers.

Rampant Design Tools announced a strategic partnership with That Studio, a global, online production and visual effects studio founded by Kanen Flowers and Alan Edward Bell. As a result of this partnership, Rampant Design Tools is rebranding, and refocusing its entire, extensive library of practical VFX elements for filmmakers, editors and visual effects artists. Beginning immediately, Rampant Design Tools will offer its drag and drop Quicktime elements in two distinct and targeted product categories: Indie Essentials and Studio Essentials.

“Over the years, Kanen Flowers and That Studio have built a large and loyal following in the indie filmmaking community. His fans look to him for advice and guidance on the crowded, and often times, confusing marketplace for tools for filmmakers,” said Sean Mullen, president and founder of Rampant Design Tools. “Partnering with Kanen is a significant opportunity for Rampant Design Tools to reach this vast community of users, and give them the tools they need to get their projects done. Kanen has deep roots and experience with this market, so our new relationship will be a big win for our users.”

The first of the new collections, called Indie Essentials, will be marketed and sold by That Studio and will offer libraries of Quicktime elements targeted at the Indie Filmmaker and freelance artist/editor who require accessible, affordable high quality VFX elements.

The second of the new collections launched by Rampant Design Tools, called Studio Essentials, will be marketed, sold and supported by Rampant, and will offer libraries of high quality, ultra high resolution (5K, 4K, 2K) Quicktime elements designed for the stringent, high resolution requirements of higher end post production and Hollywood studios.

Both companies will jointly create and introduce new products over the next year. 

Aharon Rabinowitz is the director of Content and Communities for Red Giant and had this to say about the new partnership: "No matter how good editing, motion graphics and VFX software gets, the one thing you'll always need is good source - there's just no substitute for practical effects.  I've used this stuff in some of my most time sensitive projects, and have been really proud of the results."

Indie Essentials

Indie Essentials are high quality, practical effects designed to enhance any independent film or project, instantly creating impressive visual effects. Kanen will tap his knowledge and expertise as an indie filmmaker, as well as his broad following in the community, to market and sell the Indies Essentials line of products.

All Indie Essentials files are high quality visual effects, including Quicktime files (up to 2K) and are compatible with industry-popular post production software, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Nuke, Avid and many more. Indie Essentials delivers almost 100GB of content, with elements such as:

  • 2k Snow
  • 2k Dust and Dirt
  • 2k Embers, 2k Sparks
  • 2k Fog and 2k Smoke
  • Cinematic Flares
  • Creature Kit (Eyes, Mouths, Wounds and creature textures!)
  • Muzzle Flashes
  • Dirt & Grunge
  • Grunge Mattes
  • Overlays and Transitions
  • Cinematic Music
  • Sound Effects
  • And much more…

Al Mooney, senior product manager, Professional Video Editing for Adobe added, “That Studio has quickly become recognized as a forward-thinking, modern and very global organization that values independent film. Indie Essentials provides world class tools to filmmakers on a budget to allow them to create the highest quality productions. These tools, along with tight integration to our Creative Cloud toolset, in particular with Adobe Premiere Pro CC,  provides filmmakers with unlimited possibilities to create and edit films."

Studio Essentials

Studio Essentials include Rampant Design Tools entire library of high-end, ultra high resolution elements, including the Rampant Cinema Series 5K, Rampant Broadcast Series 4K, Rampant Production Series 2K, and Rampant Essentials 2K drives - the highest resolution Quicktime-based Drag-and-Drop elements on the market today. Studio Essentials delivers 2 complete volumes of elements and offer editors and visual effects artists optimal flexibility, quality and value. Sean Mullen continues to tap his expertise as a high-end VFX artist, whose work has touched such acclaimed Hollywood and television productions as Charmed, Ally McBeal, NCIS, Felicity, Nip/Tuck, Idle Hands, Lake Placid and Any Given Sunday. 

Studio Essentials includes thousands of 5K effects, and all of the Studio Essentials are available in 2K, 4K and 5K.  Studio Essentials are available on USB 3.0 drives, or users can select the 2K and 4K elements as downloads if preferred.  Rampant is also offering the Next Gen For Editors sample pack which includes 10 effects from each volume in 4K for under $100. Some of the elements offered in Studio Essentials include:

  • Studio Fire
  • Studio Dust, Embers & Sparks
  • Studio Smoke
  • Studio Snow
  • Studio Flash Transitions
  • Studio Bokeh
  • Studio Reflections
  • Studio Mattes
  • Studio Light Transitions
  • Studio Light Overlays
  • Studio Blast Transitions
  • Studio Impact Lights

Source: Rampant Design Tools

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