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Rampant Design Ships MonsterFX

Rampant Design Tools announces the availability of its newest library of Drag-and-Drop Textures, MonsterFX: Undead.

Orlando, FL -- Rampant Design Tools announced the immediate availability of MonsterFX: Undead, its newest library of Drag-and-Drop Textures for creating instant zombies and ghoulish looks for the characters in video projects. With over 575 massive textures of undead body parts, including eyes, brow, cheeks, chins, ears, lips, mouths, noses, teeth, wounds and skin textures, Rampant’s MonsterFX uses the Planar Tracking power of Imagineer Systems’ mocha Pro to instantly track these ‘digital makeup’ elements to the actors in your video.

Rampant Design tools also announced today that it has teamed up with Imagineer Systems as a partner in Imagineer’s annual Halloween Video Contest. As part of this collaboration, Rampant Design Tools is providing the winners of the contest with a free copy of its Quicktime based Drag-and-Drop elements, including a copy of MonsterFX. 

“mocha's Planar Tracking technology has been used on high profile Hollywood films and television productions for its unique ability to ‘motion track’ faces and untrackable footage, “said Ross Shain, chief marketing officer for Imagineer Systems. “Using mocha tracking to add ‘digital makeup’ in post-production has led to some amazing results from our customers, including removing Voldermort's nose in the Harry Potter films and many of the monster face morphs in NBC's Grimm. Now Rampant Design has taken the digital makeup process to another level with its excellent toolkit for simplified monster and zombie creation. MonsterFX combined with mocha Pro tracking is simply the most affordable way for indie film makers to achieve their spooky vision. We’re excited to have Rampant be a part of our Halloween Contest!”

Rampant Design Tools offers a unique, time-saving approach for budget- and time-crunched editors who need to quickly add quality VFX or design elements to their projects. Rampant Design Tools solutions are compatible with all editing platforms and compositing applications that are able to read Quicktime files, including Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects and Premiere), Sony Vegas, Media 100, Apple Motion, NUKE, Apple Final Cut Pro, FCP X and Avid Media Composer. They are also designed to complement filmmakers and VFX artists existing workflows and integrate well with pipelines comprised of industry-leading VFX and color correction solutions.

Source: Rampant Design Tools

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