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Ralph Bakshi to Appear at 2-Day Film Tribute

Legendary iconclastic director to talk at upcoming LA screenings of ‘Heavy Traffic,’ ‘American Pop,’ ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Wizards.’


Rogue Animator: An In-Person Tribute to Ralph Bakshi presented by the American Cinematheque in conjunction with the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Blasted into public consciousness - and controversy - by the first X-rated cartoon, Fritz the Cat, legendary writer-director-producer Ralph Bakshi’s career in animation spans an astounding 50 years. He channeled the freewheeling spirit of underground comics in such films as Heavy Traffic and Coonskin, battling protests and censors to open the doors to cartoons with adult situations. He tapped further into the zeitgeist with Wizards and The Lord Of The Rings, catching the mid-’70s wave of interest in sci-fi and fantasy that broke with Star Wars. Bakshi’s work was adventurous visually as well as thematically; Rings and American Pop are landmarks of rotoscoping, a type of animation where live-action footage is traced onto cels.

While these features solidified Bakshi’s stake in animation history, he has never been content to rest on his laurels. He re-invented Saturday morning cartoons with “The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse,” a show that proved to be a precursor for irreverent fare such as “The Ren & Stimpy Show.” And in the latest turn to a brilliant career, Bakshi has taken up the paintbrush; his work can be viewed at

Source: The American Cinematheque

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