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Raining Cats & Dogs At Warner

In the wake of Sony's success with STUART LITTLE, Warner Bros. has

greenlighted a live-action/animated feature, CATS AND DOGS. Recently,

Warner has been looking to see if it could get a quick family-flick

finished for a Christmas 2000 release, however it looks like the studio

will take its time and shoot for a 2001 holiday release for CATS AND DOGS.

The story follows the neighborhood war between cats and dogs that occurs

right underneath human's feet without them even noticing. Reuters reported

that director Larry Guterman was already off scouting locations and the

studio is currently at work building creature models in L.A. and in the

U.K. Upon the successful release, Warner plans to make a marketable

franchise out of the new film. Hopefully, the film won't be another

feature-length commercial like some criticized their last live-action toon

flick SPACE JAM as being.

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