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Rainbow Studios Acquires Motional Realms

Rainbow Studios, a creator of digital entertainment, announced its acquisition of Motional Realms, the developers of the ReelMotion real-time simulator that uses physics and collision detection to animate vehicles and objects realistically. By simulating the underlying physics, ReelMotion allows animators to animate any type of two or four-wheeled vehicle, a variety of aircraft and other objects. Nicholas Napp, Rainbow Studios vice president of animation, said, "We've been using Reelmotion for several years now, and continue to use it for our most demanding 3D animation and special effects projects like STARSHIP TROOPERS and Hasbro Toy's Tonka Joe commercials." Tony Stutterheim, president of animation at Rainbow Studios, said, "Adding Motional Realms' technology to the Rainbow Studios brand is a strategic extension of our company. We are fortunate and delighted that the software's creator and company president Rick Baltman has joined our team to continue development of the software and help us focus on meeting the needs of both real-time and high-end animation." Motional Realms' president Rick Baltman said, "Rainbow Studios has developed some incredible technology for both games and animation. Integrating the ReelMotion physics engine into this framework will allow them to produce remarkable new games and animation tools, and further develop the technology to meet the needs of our customers."

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