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RAI Trade Launches Amazing History

RAI Trade held a special launch reception for its new edutainment series, AMAZING HISTORY, at its stand during MIPCOM. The series strives to explain, in an entertaining manner for kids and adults, great historical events via live-action and lots of computer graphics, narrated by 3D animated hosts Mr. Chan, an alien from Mars, and Betty the sheep. They are tutored by the impeccable Prof. Felix Copperpotsky (played by versatile actor Enzo Salomone), as they guide viewers from prehistoric times, to learning about mummies, Vikings, the Crusades, the discovery of America, the French Revolution, the Mayans and Incas, Japanese samurais, right up to a present day soccer championship.

It reveals for example, why the Celts went into battle without any clothes on, how the ancient Romans did their shopping, which Chinese emperor was deposed by his mother and how the Egyptians extracted mummies brains through their noses.

The Discovery Channel for Canada has already purchased the new series, slated for completion in early 2004. Recently set up Lumiq Studios in Turin, Italy, is co-producing the series alongside RAI Sat Ragazzi. The new studio boats state-of-the-art post-production facilities as well as 3D animation technology. The show, based upon an idea by Aldo Zappala, will include interviews, quizzes and valuable footage from the RAI archives. Live action scenes will be shot in Italy, Holland, Japan and Romania.

Headquartered in Rome, RAI Trade ( is the exclusive distributor of photography archives, soundtracks, sports events, documentaries, mini-series, news, films, TV specials and series of all RAI productions. RAI Trade develops publishing projects and co-marketing activities, grants merchandising licenses for trademarks and properties and manages the catalogs of numerous independent producers. In addition, it handles musical publications, producers and markets theme channels for pay TV, purchases sports and musical rights for the RAI television lineup, manages the broadcasting of all RAI advertising and acts as a consultant in the production of TV commercials.