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Qubo To Launch New Slate of Kids Shows

Qubo Channel announces the launch of twelve new animated and live action series with several U.S. premieres that will roll out on the network beginning this summer through the fall of 2010.

Press Release from Qubo

NEW YORK, NY -  May 11, 2010 --  Qubo Channel announces the launch of twelve new animated and live action series with several U.S. premieres that will roll out on the network beginning this summer through the fall of 2010.  The entertaining and diverse mix of family friendly programming includes the return of the much beloved "Magic School Bus" series from Scholastic for the Fall of 2010 and the U.S. premiere of the animated series "Vitaminix", a series of shorts encouraging good eating habits for kids.  Additionally, Qubo brings to its schedule the U.S. premieres of "The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog", "Willa's Wild Life," "Shelldon," "Pearlie", and "Mighty Machines",  plus new episodes of the returning series "Turbo Dogs".   In addition, beginning this fall season,  Qubo will launch a classic weekend animation block featuring the newly acquired "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," "She-Ra, Princess of Power," "Brave Starr" and the animated "Ghostbusters."   And to round out the schedule, Qubo will debut "Animal Exploration with Jarrod Miller" in the Fall of 2010.  

"We continue our commitment to provide good, fun and entertaining programming on Qubo, where kids and families will always be able to find something to laugh and learn about at the same time," said Marc Zand, EVP, Digital Networks, ION Media Networks.  "We have a great lineup coming up which combines beloved family favorites, classic animation and the US premieres of some of the highest quality kids programming in the world."

About Qubo Channel:

Qubo is an entertainment destination for children and their caregivers that provides fun, quality programming to help kids develop healthy minds and healthy bodies. Qubo was formed in 2006 by an unprecedented alliance of leading distribution partners and content players in children's television that includes, ION Media Networks, Scholastic, NBC Universal and Corus Entertainment Media.  Qubo can be seen 24/7 on Qubo Channel and and is also broadcast Wednesday- Friday afternoons on ION Television, NBC Saturday mornings and Telemundo weekend mornings.




In this fascinating series about machines, voice-over actors make the machines talk to the viewers, tell them what's happening, how the machines work, etc. The show combines live footage, friendly and informative characters, dynamic music and delightful humor to capture the imagination of young and old alike.


Animated kids series with a focus on problem-solving and introducing kids to the world of detective work. Starring a boy hedgehog and his friends who employ a variety of detective skills to solve local mysteries, Alfred is considered to be a super sleuth and enlists his group of animal pals to assist him on his hunts to solve the neighborhood mysteries.   Alfred Hedgehog enjoys the journey of investigating a sudden disappearance and is keen on using his resources to pursue what could be a series of unnatural phenomena.   Helping Alfred along in his often educational exploits are his detective team (and best friends: Willamena Wallaby, Winston the Moose, Odiferous Skunk, Loonie Loon, and Sadie, his younger sister.

The show encourages kids to use deductive reasoning and problem solving. Given the main character's knack for investigative work, the program will naturally angle toward clue-based narration and scientific exploration that attempts to involve the audience on a higher level of interaction.


What kid hasn't brought home a stray dog, baby bird or firefly in a jar? Willa, that's who!  So far, this determined six-year-old critter collector has, with her father's permission, adopted a giraffe, a couple of elephants, an alligator and so many other exotic animals, there's barely room in Willa's house for Willa! This enchanting series is sure to keep viewers in stitches and warm their hearts.  Willa talks to the animals and they, in turn offer her advice on everyday quandries.  Comical predicaments ensue but with the help of her loving and patient father, along with her personality-rich zoo animal friends, Willa always manages to stumble into a solution.  Persevering to overcome obstacles, accepting differences in others and dealing with fears are just some of the life lessons young viewers will take away from this series. When there's Willa, there is a way!


This vibrant and amusing animated series follows the adventures of Shelldon, a Yoka Star Shell, and his lively sea-creature friends on their underwater exploits. Set in the idyllic coral reef community called Shell Land, SHELLDON's inhabitants include: "Herman" the Hermit crab, "Connie" the Cowry shell, Shelldon's adopted family of Fluted Giant Clams, including his young twin siblings, "Click" and "Clack" and a host of other colorful sea characters including a neurotic crab who owns the town bookstore, a graceful shrimp who runs the beauty salon, a surly turtle who ferries passengers around town and a snail who devises scatter-brained inventions. Although Shell Land is a peaceful community, Shelldon continually finds himself in outlandish situations that require honesty, teamwork, ingenuity and caring for the environment.  Throughout each hilarious caper, young viewers will learn about marine life while enhancing their awareness of the simple ways that we can all make the world a better and greener place.   


Pearlie the park fairy has been assigned to take care of Jubilee Park, and along with her friends, she must make sure everything runs smoothly!  The series focuses on the key issues of problem solving and cooperation as kids will see the inventive way Pearlie approaches every park adventure.  Pearlie is magic's unsung hero!   Pearlie is an urban fairy comedy for kids based on the bestselling book by Australian author Wendy Hammer.


Animated series of shorts, which help kids learn to recognize healthy foods and healthy habits.  In each short, a vitamin, mineral or type of food is explored along with its good and healthy properties identified.  Key to the program is to encourage good eating habits and to "Eat Healthy, Be Healthy."



In a small grade school, one class has a unique way of learning about the world with their teacher, Ms. Frizzle.  In order to give the class a firsthand experience of the principles of science, she takes them on field trips on the Magic School bus, a vehicle that can literally go anywhere to explore space, the arctic, or even into the human body.


Jarod Miller, the well-known young and dynamic zoologist is the host of this series. In each episode, Jarod travels to zoos and aquariums to interact with species of animals that fit a particular theme, such as snakes or spiders. Jarod brings his own unique perspective to the animal world with enthusiasm and wonder.


The internationally renowned cult hero who inspired a generation of superheroes is back. Adam, Prince of the planet Eternia, is gifted with a 'Power Sword' by The Sorceress who dwells in Castle Greyskull - a mysterious, mystical fortress. By holding his magical Power Sword and commanding "By the power of Greyskull! I have the power!" Adam is granted the power to transform into He-ManR, protector of the weak, champion of the poor, and advocate of the oppressed.


In times of danger Princess Adora calls upon magical powers by holding aloft her sword and chanting her special mantra to become the classic all time female heroine, She-Ra, Princess of Power!  Using her unique powers She-Ra, aided by her friends of the Great Rebellion - Bow, Sea Hawk, Angella, Light Hope and Glimmer, defend the magical Crystal Castle and Planet Etheria against the villainous Hordak and his evil 'Hordesmen'.


A classic American animated western..On the distant, dry and desolate planet of New Texas the discovery of Kerium, a rare and powerful magical crystal, brings an infinite number of colonists from all corners of the galaxy. Some are good, some bad, but none are more dangerous than Tex Hex the leader of the Carrion Bunch. The Mayor of New Texas petitions the Earth Council for help to control the outlaws. He needed an army of lawmen, a thousand, to rid the planet of criminals and bandits, they sent only ONE - but he was enough. His name was Marshall BraveStarr.

With his mystical powers, BraveStarr can call on the power of animals to help him win his battles. He can use the strength of a bear to move a boulder, the speed of a puma to catch the criminals, the eyes of a hawk to see into the distance or a wolf's acute hearing to listen to plots unfolding.

Thirty-Thirty is his trusted partner against crime - a horse that can transform into a talking, human-like creative who can fight alongside BraveStarr in their many battles against the outlaws. Together with his wise and elderly Shaman, BraveStarr and Thirty-Thirty battle to protect this roughest of planet form the powers of evil and limitless greed in this hugely imaginative and exciting series.


A spin-off from the hugely successful original Ghostbusters live action series, this fabulous animation series continues the spine-chilling, side-splitting antics of the Ghostbusters team.

Now starring the sons of the original live action team and joined by Jessica, the news-hungry TV reporter, along with Futura and her bat Belfry. From their HQ "Ghost Command" they fend off the wicked ghost Prime Evil, at his "Haunt-Quarters" and hurtle through space and time in their transforming Ghost Buggy.  Capturing phantoms has never been so much fun!

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