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Qualisys Launches Arqus Motion Capture Camera

New platform surpasses other cameras by 10MP, features water and dustproof housing, providing ideal portability and excellent resolution.

Motion capture provider, Qualisys, has announced the launch of its newest motion analysis camera platform, the Arqus. The camera was built to be natively waterproof and dustproof, with a protective housing and integrated quick-release plate, in addition to the standard ¼" tripod mounts, providing excellent portability. Coupled with a wide array of compatible lenses, a 50% more powerful strobe, OLED display, and embedded active filtering technology, the platform performs reliably where and when needed.

The Arqus is equipped with a new 26 MP full-FOV sensor, which surpasses the resolution of other motion capture cameras by 10MP. This capability, along with advanced marker detection algorithms, allows for in-depth analyses and insights, such as the ability to distinguish small markers even in bright sunshine.

The camera utilizes the same unique daisy-chaining capability as its predecessor, the Miqu. A 24-camera system from Qualisys results in nearly 80% less cabling than other systems making it inherently portable while reducing cable clutter in permanent installations.

“When we set out to create the Arqus, one thing was clear, we wanted to make the best camera on the market and I’m happy to say that’s something we did,” noted Qualisys CTO, Magnus Berlander.

Source: Qualisys