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The Pussycats Go Punk

Swedish-based animation studio Filmtecknarna F. Animation has produced a 90-second short for Cartoon Network entitled JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS IN MUSICAL EVOLUTION. The film is part of the Cartoon Networks "Shorties" series. In the spot, classic Hanna-Barbera characters Josie and the Pussycats take viewers on a journey through musical styles including punk, country, disco, heavy metal and techno. The spot was directed by Jonas Odell and produced by Leila El-Zein. Craig "Sven" Gordon was the Cartoon Network creative director. Michael Kohler rearranged the PUSSYCAT theme song into each new style. Animation techniques such as cel, 2D and 3D GGI, cutouts and miniatures mixed with live-action elements were used. Jonas Odell previously directed the two "Shorties" ATOM ANT and JABBERJAW- LETS DO LUNCH. Odell said, "Its always fun to work this closely to a strong musical score, especially when it contains the last twenty years musical history that youve lived through, although I guess its pretty obvious that my knowledge of country music is kind of limited."

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