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Pulse Gives The Web A Face

San Francisco-based Pulse Entertainment has released Pulse Veepers, a virtual character creation software. Pulse Veepers was designed to allow e-learning systems designers and corporate training departments, among others, to build, deploy and update interactive characters without requiring programming, animation, 3D modeling or authoring expertise. Beginning with a single 2D image, Veepers users then select data points with their mouse to designate key areas of the Veepers subject's face. The software then maps the subject's image to a 3D model, complete with realistic text-to-speech (TTS) and automatic lip-synching support built in. The resulting virtual character can then deliver audio via the TTS engine in a variety of natural human voices or in their own voice via captured spoken audio. Veepers also includes full-torso generation and animation, gestures and advanced facial animation for emotions and speech. Veepers demonstrations are available online at