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Pulse and Exmachina Sign Distribution Deal

Pulse Entertainment has signed a deal with Paris-based digital post-production company, Exmachina, which will have the French post house resell Pulse technology to developers, designers, agencies and corporate clients in Europe. Exmachina first utilized the Pulse software to create a Web character, Akinia, who helps on-line gamers solve riddles in a treasure hunt. "We are making Pulse technology one of the cornerstones as we build our Web business," said Pierre Noizat, general manager of Exmachina. "We are going to propose Pulse Technology to our clients to project interactive content onto the Web with a focus on 3D character creation and animation, and navigation in 3D universes. Pulse technology is currently the only product in the marketplace that offers such a lightweight plug-in with such strong functionality morphing, MP3, animation streaming, character studio support and great integration with 3D Studio Max." Mark Yahiro, president of Pulse Entertainment, said, "Europe is an exciting, fast-developing market open to the latest ideas in rich media Web content for e-commerce and entertainment, and Exmachina is an innovation leader in Europe. Pulse could not ask for a stronger, more strategic partner than Exmachina as Europe begins to open its doors to the next generation of enabling technology for the Web."

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