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London-based Pearson launched their independent theatrical animated feature, A MONKEY'S TALE, at the American Film Market which ended last week in Santa Monica, California. The film, which is Pearson's first foray into the theatrical feature arena, is directed by Jean-Francois Laguionie. The $14 million family entry features the voice talents of John Hurt, Michael York, Rik Mayall and Michael Gambon, as well as the hit Irish group BOYZONE, who performs the end title song. The film took nearly eight years to complete and utilized the talents of 400 animators. A MONKEY'S TALE chronicles the adventures of two monkey tribes, the tree-dwelling Woonkos and the land-loving Laankos, that Mother Nature has separated through a variety of natural disasters. Over the centuries, these once harmonious tribes have come to fear and hate each other, until a young teen Woonko, Kom, reunites the two communities with the help of the brave Laanko Gina.