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Psyop’s ‘Grandma’s Cats’ Launches on DreamWorksTV

New short-form web series, ‘Grandma’s Cats Are Trying to Kill Her!’ marks commercial production company Psyop’s first foray into original programming.

Grandma’s Cats Are Trying to Kill Her! is a new animated series that joins young hero Lucas on a summer-long vacation spent living with his Grandma. While he loves Grandma’s hands-off parenting approach, he’s horrified to discover that her seemingly normal cats, Boo Boo and Clyde, are actually trying to kill Grandma!

Produced by Psyop, the series launched on Wednesday on the DreamWorksTV YouTube channel for short-form original animated web series.

Created by Danica Parry, Grandma’s Cats Are Trying to Kill Her! offers plenty of laughs for audiences both young and old, with influences that range from Looney Tunes to Coraline. Similar to the never-ending battle of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, viewers are sure to see an incredible variety of nefarious plans put into action as the cats continue to chase their dastardly goal.

Grandma’s Cats Are Trying to Kill Her! marks the first ever foray into original programming from commercial production company Psyop, known for their work on animated commercials for brands like Coca-Cola and Clash of Clans, the former which has earned them an Emmy Award and the latter which featured Liam Neeson for one of this past Super Bowl’s most memorable and successful spots.

“It's really fun to be able to use all the great talent and twisted humor that are within our ranks to create something that's 100 percent Psyop,” says producer Amanda Miller. “This show is so funny I still pee a little every time I watch it, and I’ve watched it hundreds of times now. It has also finally given me the opportunity to have serious, professional conversations about strategic bubble placement on a naked Grandma body. All those Saturday morning cartoons I spent my life watching are paying off!”

Check out the premiere episode in the player below:

Source: Psyop

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