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Psyop Releases ‘Camp W’ Hand-Drawn Adventure Game

Users transported into their own magical mystery animated series where events unfold based on player choice.

Creative studio Psyop has just launched an original, all new story-rich, hand-drawn adventure game, Camp W, now available worldwide for PC and Mac via online publishing platform Steam.

Camp W will transport you to a beautifully illustrated world of magic and summer camp, where you must conceal your identity while investigating a mystery. A hybrid of a choose-your-own-adventure and Saturday morning cartoon, the events of Camp W are guided by player choice. You inhabit the role of a young Witch trespassing in the Human Realm, where you will make friends, cast spells, and uncover secrets during your first ever summer away from home.

“I think we managed to do something really unique with Camp W, by developing an animated series that is actually an interactive experience that you, the player, not only star in, but direct,” said narrative director Alexei Bochenek. “We absolutely stuffed this game with detail, from the art to the story to the musical score, and we worked painstakingly to create a fully realized universe that is both fresh and familiar.”

“What I’m most proud of are the characters that we created, who you get to meet and spend time with when you play,” said creative director Kelly Shay. “This is a game that is silly, spooky, and fun, but also full of heart. It’s about being a little bit weird, and discovering that, when you take a bunch of outsiders and put them together, it turns out that you’re all on the inside of your own community of weirdos, which people in the gaming and animation community already know is an absolutely spectacular group to be a part of. That’s who I think we are behind this game, and that’s who I hope finds and connects with Camp W.”

Unique Camp W features include:

  • Friending Simulator - Camp W is filled with interesting characters, but everyone can’t be your best friend -- that would be exhausting. You’ll have to decide which campers interest you the most and then get to know them and their stories over the course of your playthrough.
  • Mysteries Await - There’s more to a summer at Camp W than kickball and friendship bracelets. Discover secrets about the history of the Witching Realm and battle evil forces who threaten to rain on your summer fun.
  • Get Your “Choose” On - You decide which camp activities to attend, which questions to ask, and how you want to respond at critical moments throughout the game. One playthrough won’t be enough to explore every path of this branching story.
  • A Hand-Drawn World - Visit more than twenty beautifully illustrated locations--during the day and at night--and hang out with fifteen fun characters, all of which feature a range of fun poses and expressions. Not to mention your Grimoire, which will fill up with drawings as you play through the game.
  • Collectibles Galore - Cast 12 different spells, earn 18 unique badges, and unlock 60+ illustrated memories. You’ll have to replay the game to see them all, but it’s worth it--and you’ll earn achievements along the way.
  • All-Ages...But Not Just For Kids - Camp W was designed to be enjoyed by all ages, and we mean it. Youngsters and adults alike will find a lot to love about the story, dialogue, humor and drama throughout the game.
  • Original Score - A complete score featuring more than a dozen tracks composed just for this game by talented composer and musician Davey Thomas Tucker.

Source: Psyop