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Psyop Creates Interactive Video Game for Bush’s Beans

New interactive video game, “Bush’s Bean Dash,” extends television commercial across multiple platforms.

New York -- Full-service advertising agency Doner introduced “BUSH’S Bean Dash,” a family-friendly adventure developed by Psyop for iOS and Android. 

“BUSH’S Bean Dash” came to life while Psyop worked on animations for the BUSH’S commercial, “High Score.” Doner and BUSH’S saw the opportunity to use the spot as a platform to more effectively reach and interact with their target consumers. 

“We knew the TV spot required game footage,” said Psyop Director Borja Peña. “The focus was to create art that would accurately translate from screen to any device.”

In the game, players take control of the famous BUSH’S duo - Jay and Duke - while maneuvering through obstacles, overcoming platforms, and collecting beans and ingredients for the entire line of BUSH’S Baked Bean flavors along the way.

Psyop was responsible for building the core game experience and creating the aesthetic.

“We work very collaboratively with the Bush Brothers team to push our thinking beyond the initial idea,” said Jeff Eaker, Creative Director at Doner. “With BUSH’S Bean Dash, we have extended the concept by allowing consumers to further engage with the brand in a fun and interactive way.” 

The flexibility to test different design elements and enhancing features — “Power-Ups,” “Bonus Levels” and “Farm Obstacles” — enabled Psyop to create a more comprehensive, captivating experience that harmonized with the original vision.

Pixel Artist Ian Schlaepfer commented: “The BUSH’S brand has a really nice, retro look. It’s kind of bucolic in nature and we made that a priority when creating the overarching look of the game.” 

Source: Psyop

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