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Progressive Partners with Adult Swim to Launch New Stop-Mo Ad Campaign

Two new animated commercials, ‘Air Flo’ and ‘Hustlin’ Flo,’ were developed by the Adult Swim creative team and produced by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.

From the ingenious production team behind Adult Swim’s iconic Robot Chicken series, Progressive Insurance re-introduces Flo and their well-known cast of characters like never before in two new 30-second animated commercials that launch, Air Flo and Hustlin’ Flo.

Starring in the brand’s first fully animated spots in the Superstore series, insurance clerk Flo is back to share the benefits of Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool, but this time with new tricks up her sleeves. From schooling the competition on the basketball court with a miraculous slam dunk to telling jokes with a witty rap and sweet mic drop, Flo brings to life how consumers can buy insurance on their terms in a fresh and memorable way.

Turner Ignite’s Content Partnerships team worked with Progressive and the Adult Swim creative team to develop the campaign, and the ad creative was produced by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the production crew that powers Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken. The stop-motion animation and pop culture commentary inherent to the show, as well as the authentic voice of the Adult Swim brand, are evoked in the look and feel of the commercials.

​In Progressive’s first content partnership with Turner’s Adult Swim, the brand is experimenting beyond its tried and true creative model – they have executed more than 150 TV spots – to engage the network’s passionate fans and youngers audiences in general. Leveraging the Turner portfolio, Progressive previewed “Air Flo” during NBA All-Star Weekend on TBS/TNT, which provided a relevant and heightened environment to introduce the creative. The commercials make their official television debut today across Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and Progressive’s overall media schedule.

Source: Adult Swim