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Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity Drops into Retail

Press Release from Deep Silver, Inc.

Hermosa Beach, Calif. - April 15 - Deep Silver, Inc, a publisher of interactive entertainment, today announced that PROFESSOR HEINZ WOLFF'S GRAVITY for Wii and Nintendo DS systems is now available in retail stores throughout North America.

PROFESSOR HEINZ WOLFF'S GRAVITY is a fiendishly fun puzzle game that will appeal to the young, the old, and everyone in between. Players must master the correct placement of objects in order to solve each puzzle and advance to the next level. There is more than one way of completing a given puzzle, often with surprising results.

With over 100 levels packed full of mind boggling and challenging puzzles and 20 sandbox levels, the game contains hours of fun and endless replayability. High quality, hand-painted backgrounds and an atmospheric soundtrack enhance the experience.

Wolff is one the UK's leading scientific experts and was scientific adviser to the European Space Agency and has also worked with NASA and the Russian space programme. He is probably best-known as the inventor of the term Bioengineering in 1954, to describe an activity designed to make the huge advances, which had been made in technology, during the Second World War, available to the biological sciences. He was in turn director of the Division of Biological Engineering at the National Institute for Medical Research and of the Clinical Research Centre, of the Medical Research Council.

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