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Production Pipeline Expo Moves to Raleigh Studios

The venue for the first annual Production Pipeline Expo, which takes place May 3-4, 2013, is changed to Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.


Santa Monica, CA – The venue for the first annual Production Pipeline Expo has been changed to Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Ave, Stages 10 and 14, Hollywood, CA, 90038. The two-day event takes place May 3-4.

The Production Pipeline Expo will include a presentation by The Creative-Cartel of their new workflow software, Joust, which made a big splash at the 2013 NAB show. Until now, Joust was only available internally at The Creative-Cartel, and was most recently used on the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan film After Earth. Joust is now available to be used by any film or television production. Jenny Fulle, CEO at The Creative-Cartel will be conducting demos of the new tool during the Production Pipeline Expo.

The first annual ​Production Pipeline Expo 2013 will address the creation, development, management, and delivery of content across film, television, and games along all the disciplines involved within an actual production pipeline, with special attention paid to all major portions of the creation process.

The latest list of Guest Speakers slated to participate in the inaugural Production Pipeline Expo includes:

Additional speakers will be announced shortly.

A number of creative disciplines involved in the production pipeline process will also be presented on the Expo’s Showroom Floor. These disciplines include:

  • Lighting &Rendering
  • Look Development& Element Shoots
  • Modeling andTexture
  • Compositing
  • Animation andVisual Effects
  • Previs & FilmScans
  • Roto and PlatePrep
  • Rigging &Grading
  • Tracking &Match Movement
  • High Dynamic RangePhotos

The inaugural Production Pipeline Expo has secured a number of major corporate sponsors, including DreamWorks Animation, Marvel, Nvidia, TNG Visual Effects, Wacom, Assimilate, Blackmagic Design,, PhaseSpace, Faceware Technologies, and Animation Magazine, among others. 

Source: Production Pipeline Expo

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