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Pretend Unveils Pseudo at NAB 2013

Pretend announces previews their latest software, Pseudo, and demonstrations of Stereoid v1.1 at NAB 2013.

Las Vegas, NV -- Pretend LLC began previews of Pseudo, an upcoming “big brother” application to Stereoid, offering a timeline with EDL/XML import and depth scripts for more creative stereoscopic control of storylines. Pseudo is built on the new Pretend engine which scales linearly on multi-core systems and is optimized for 4k+ resolutions and high frame rates.

Pretend also announced the new Stereoid v1.1 Beta.  The new beta version is now open to existing clients with the official release scheduled for the summer.  New Stereoid v1.1 features include:

  • Global analysis – Selective analysis to match overall color and alignment multiple times faster than full analysis.
  • Depth Budget tools – Useful to modify depth for different screen sizes and to maintain consistency between shots.
  • Floating Windows – Crop image sides to compensate for edge violations.
  • Quality controls – detects and reports problems to assist with the integration with various workflows such as dailies, stereo plates preparation, rendering errors reviews, etc…
  • Manual alignment tools – New controls to modify alignment for optimal results.
  • ARRIRAW support – Native support for the Arri format.

Private demonstrations of Stereoid v1.1 and an early sneak peek of Pseudo are being held in the Pretend suite at the Cosmopolitan hotel during NAB 2013, April 8-11. Pretend is providing an early look at Pseudo to allow users to help guide the software’s development at an early stage.

Also during NAB, Pretend will be a sponsor of both the Fusion-io event on April 9th, and Cool By the Pool2 at the Las Vegas Hilton on April 10th, where the Z-awards will be presented for stereoscopic filmmaking projects.

Source: Pretend LLC

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