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Prepare yourself for a new Sick and Twisted Festival

The 1999 edition of SPIKE AND MIKE'S SICK AND TWISTED FESTIVAL OF ANIMATIONincludes NO NECK JOE III by DNA Productions, DIE HARD IN UNDER TWO MINUTESby Konstantin Bronzit, TYSON: I AM NOT AN ANIMAL by David Lipson, BALLETBLUES by Thomas Kung, BOWLIN' FER SOULS by SuperGenius, HORNED GRAMMA byDave Foss, LEGEND OF RAGGOT by Sean Scottm, GRIMM'S HUMPTY DUMPTY by RyanMontrucchio, SWING SLUTS by Brett Johnson, BILLY'S BALLOON by DonHertzfeldt, BEYOND GRANDPA II by Breehn John Burns, BODY PARTS by JonasOdell, CHICKEN COUP by Johnny Turco, BEAT THE MEATLES by DNA Productions,RADIOACTIVE CROTCH MAN by Nick Gibbons, TONGUE TWISTER by Sean Scott, THEBECKERS: CANNIBALISM AND YOUR TEEN by Natterjack Animation Co., FORRESTDUMP and FORESKIN GUMP by Roy T. Wood, SURPRISE CINEMA by Bill Plympton,MERRY CHRISTMAS GRANDMA by Greg Kovacs, HOME, HONEY I'M HIGH II: WHAT YOUSHOULD KNOW ABOUT DRUGS by Matt Davis and Dan Dudley. The festival will beshowing at Laemmle's Monica 4-Plex (310-394-9741) at 1332 Second Street,Santa Monica, California from July 30 to August 21, 1999; Laemmle'sColorado Theatre (626-796-9704) at 2588 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena,California from July 30 to August 21, 1999; Laemmle's Sunset Theatre(213-848-3500) at 8000 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, California from August27 to December 18, 1999; and the Museum of Contemporary Art (858-459-8707)in La Jolla, California from August 27 to November 21, 1999.