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Popeye, Bowers & Bert the Turtle Enter National Film Registry

Librarian of Congress James H. Billington announced his annual selection of 25 motion pictures to be added to the National Film Registry. This group of titles brings the total number of films placed on the registry to 400.

For animation fans, the Fleischer classic POPEYE THE SAILOR MEETS SINBAD THE SAILOR made the list. As well, the famed animated civil defense film, DUCK AND COVER, which was seen by millions of schoolchildren in the 1950s, was also added. The short film has Bert the Turtle telling kids to survive an atomic attack you must "duck and cover." Also added was animation legend Charley Bowers surrealist short, THERE IT IS, which combines live-action with stop-motion. The short film is a "Scotland Yard investigates Haunted House" spoof featuring the adorable animated bug MacGregor.

In making the announcement, the librarian said, "Our film heritage is America's living past. It celebrates the creativity and inventiveness of diverse communities and our nation as a whole. By preserving American films, we safeguard a significant element of our cultural history."

Under the terms of the National Film Preservation Act, each year the Librarian of Congress names 25 "culturally, historically or aesthetically" significant motion pictures to the Registry. The list is designed to reflect the full breadth and diversity of America's film heritage, thus increasing public awareness of the richness of American cinema and the need for its preservation.

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