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Polhemus Announces VisionTrak Desktop 300

Polhemus has introduced the VisionTrack Desktop 300. Designed by ISCAN Inc. of Burlington, Massachusetts, the VisionTrak Desktop 300 is a remote binocular eye tracking system that is used to collect pupil size, eye movement parameters and eye point of regard data from human subjects.

This system allows the subject to be seated comfortably without the use of a chin rest while the researcher controls the data collection process at a separate console. Both eyes are viewed using a specialized remote infrared video camera system. Distinctive system features allow for quick and accurate data collection and analysis for a variety of applications and environments, including vision research, psycho-visual experiments, drug or alcohol response testing, reading and language studies, advertising research, driving research and handicapped communication. The VisionTrak Desktop 300 represents a quantum leap in new eye tracking proficiency offering significant improvements over alternative technologies.

With nothing attached to the head, the subject can move within an X, Y, Z envelope of approximately a cubic foot offering full freedom of head movement. The integrated pan/tilt system is used to direct the camera and automatically follows the subjects eye. System set-up and subject calibration are simple, straightforward and flexible. The VisionTrak Desktop 300 is fully functional under dark or bright ambient lighting conditions with a wide range of subject acceptance including eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses or drooping eyelids.

The VisionTrak Desktop 300 uses a robust dark pupil tracking methodology that automatically distinguishes the pupils from other dark shadows or eyelashes in the eye images. The system has an effective sub-pixel resolution of 1500H x 2000V for both pupil and corneal reflection position measurements and true, realtime 60Hz or optional 240Hz data update. The system uses realtime, fully operator-configurable scrolling graph displays to view the data. Once collected, data can easily be reviewed, exported or stored directly on the system. The system offers subject video point-of-regard overlay display outputs in which accuracy is better than one-half degree over ±25 degree horizontal and ±20 degree vertical range.

The Raw Eye Movement Data Acquisition Software for Windows XP allows the operator to completely control the data acquisition process with instrumentation control, data recording, review, and analysis features. Calibrated or raw eye movement and auxiliary data can be output in realtime to other devices. The software includes provisions for file storage in native and ASCII formats along with complete data review capabilities with automatic determination of calibrated data velocities and accelerations.

In other news, the Polhemus FastSCAN Cobra, 3D laser scanner, recently had its television debut on CSI:NY. Tune in for the season finale to see the FastSCAN in action again. CSI:NY will air on CBS, May 10 at 10:00 p.m. EST.

Vermont-based Polhemus ( is a global leader in providing 3D position/orientation tracking systems, digitizing technology solutions, eye-tracking systems and handheld three-dimensional scanners. These products are used for the medical industry, university research, military training, simulation, computer-aided design and entertainment.

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