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POKEMON pic poised on top of the US boxoffice

Will the power of Pokemon ever stop? U.S. fans of the animated seriesproved this weekend that they had to catch all of POKEMON: THE FIRST MOVIE.After setting the record for the biggest Wednesday opening of all time foran animated film, the Pikachu vehicle grossed an estimated $52.1 millionover a 5-day period, squishing the non-summer record of $45.7 million setby A BUG'S LIFE. The much anticipated new film from Kevin Smith, DOGMA,with visual effects by Station X Studios, bucked controversy and finished3rd. With a gross of $8.8 million, it seems God does have a sense of humor(and I'm not talking about singer Alanis Morrisette, who plays the heavenlymother in the film). HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, with visual effects byHollywood, California-based K.N.B. EFX Group, Inc., slips from 3rd tofinish in 8th with a weekend gross of $4.4 million and a cume of $34.8million. The second largest grossing flick of the year behind STAR WARS:THE PHANTOM MENACE, the SIXTH SENSE, with visual effects by DreamQuest,holds on to the final spot of the top ten with a weekend gross of $2.7million and a cume of $267.8 million. All box office figures quoted fromthe November 15, 1999 issue of Daily Variety.

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