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Podcast EP 194: Spiridon Giannakis and Everything About Art Book Publishing

The German art book publisher/magazine editor discusses the world of print media, his career journey, which culminated with establishing his own publishing business, and the ins and outs of the business.

Check out Terry Ibele’s Animation Industry Podcast featuring a new podcast every week focusing on the stories of today’s animation professionals - how they got to where they are and what they learned along the way. Now home to 194 episodes, the podcasts cover all areas of the industry, including storyboarding, writing, animating, directing, visual development, and game design. Guests have included Aaron Augenblick, the notorious JJ Villard, Spike & Mike’s Spike Decker, Disney Director John Musker, Sony Lead Animator Humberto Rosa, Cuphead’s Tina Nowracki, Frederator’s Fred Seibert, Tumble Leaf’s Scarlet Nelson, and many others from major animation studios all over the world.

Episode 194 (on Soundcloud): Spiridon Giannakis and Everything About Art Book Publishing

This episode chat features German art book publisher Spirodon Giannakis, who has been working in print media since 2006. In 2017 he established his own book publishing business and has since published nearly two dozen art books featuring prominent illustrators like Yesper Eising, Alex Konstad, and Abigail Larson. He is also the chief editor of CGMA’s magazine “NEXUS” and a creative consultant for events like Playgrounds and Promised Land.

Ibele has begun to publish the interviews as videos as well!

Tune in to Ibele and Giannakis to hear:

  • How to make your work stand out
  • Ways to effectively market your art
  • The ins and outs of book publishing

Social Links:

  • Check out Giannakis’ latest work
  • Check out Giannakis’ website

Ibele, himself a stop-motion animator (see AWN’s Fresh Takes piece on his whimsical short, The Silly Duck Wizard, deftly digs into all manner of topics, encouraging interviewees to share insights and opinions on a wide range of topics like pitching shows, marketing your work online, key skills studios look for when they bring on talent in storyboarding, vizdev, character design, and animation.

In 2018, Ibele, who lives in Toronto, decided to quit his career as a Marketer and pursue his love for animation. Since then, he’s become well known for his viral animation productions, which include the previously mentioned Silly Duck Wizard, which is how AWN first came to know him and his work.

Learn more about Ibele’s work and podcast by visiting You can find all The Animation Podcast episodes on his Soundcloud site:

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