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Plympton's Comic of the Week: "Consumo The Great."

This week's comic is about super man "Consumo The Great"...

This week's comic is about super man "Consumo The Great." A new outrageous comic by Bill Plympton can be found each Friday at his website.

Bill recently illustrated "Monica's Untold Story, An Amorality Tale,"published by an anonymous source, with full page watercolor illustrations.To give you some idea of the book's content -- which is available in bookstores now alongside Monica Lewinski's official volume -- view the clip of"Bill and Monica" posted on Bill Plympton's web site. Another AWN exclusive!

For further collections of Bill's comics, read his brand new book: "We EatTonight!" a new collection of Bill's print cartoons from major magazines,some of which inspired the gags in his short films. These are all quickone-panel bits of shocking hilarity. "We Eat Tonight!" is now available forsale in the Animation World Store.