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PlayStation 3 Launch Moved to November

Its official; Sony Computer Ent. Inc. (SCEI) has announced that it has moved the launch PlayStation 3 (PS3) to early November 2006 when it will be simultaneously released in Japan, North America and Europe. With a monthly production capacity of one million units, SCEI will push forward a product launch to spread the platform rapidly throughout the world, together with a strong lineup of game titles.

The delay comes as Sony hammers out the final specifications of BD (Blu-ray Disc) its high-definition DVD format. PS3 will enable playback of BD software at a high bit rate. BD will have a maximum storage capacity of 50 GB (dual layer) and robust security.

PS3 is compatible with a vast lineup of television sets out in the market, from standard-definition TV to full high-definition TV.

Users can also connect PS3 to high-speed broadband network through Gigabit Ethernet and play a wide-range of content and services over the network.

Sony Computer Ent. America ( markets the PlayStation family of products and develops, publishes, markets and distributes software for the PS one game console, the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system and the PSP handheld entertainment system for the North American market. Based in Foster City, California, SCEA serves as headquarters for all North American operations and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Computer Ent. Inc.

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