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Planet Of The Apes Gothic Director

Tim Burton is going ape over the chance to remake 20th Century Fox's 1968 sci-fi classic PLANET OF THE APES. If the final negotiations finish as planned, Burton could be helming Fox's big picture for summer 2001. Rumors have attached names like Oliver Stone, Chris Columbus, James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger to the project. In development since 1993 (longer than it took to make the original and four sequels), Bill Broyles has written the newest and hopefully final version of the new APE flick. The scripts went directly from Fox execs to the directors, and no copies were freely available for agents to read. Insiders have described the new APE as neither a sequel nor a remake, but a "re-imagining" of the original series. Burton's current picture SLEEPY HOLLOW is up for Oscars in the Art Direction, Cinematography and Costume Design categories and has grossed more than US$135 million worldwide since its release in fall 1999.

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