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Pixologic Releases Preview Video of ZBrush 4 Features

Press Release from Pixologic Inc.

Pixologic Inc., makers of the award-winning 3D sculpting, texturing and painting application ZBrush, released a preview video showcasing two new powerful features of the soon to be released ZBrush 4.

SpotlightA new texturing, painting, sculpting, and image reference tool that is manipulated within an intuitive never before seen control dial. With Spotlight you can preform a wide range of image editing functions, all while working within the powerful 3D environment of ZBrush. Beta testers of the new Spotlight feature say that it has increases the speed of their work 10 fold while allowing them to be even more creative.

LightboxA powerful new browser built right within ZBrush, which lets you search for images, models, textures, materials, alphas, and just about anything you can imagine from the web or any local drive. Lightbox increases a ZBrush artists ability to focus on being creative rather than being bothered with time consuming content gathering and management.

ZBrush 4 in August 2009Both Spotlight and Lightbox will be part of the new arsenal of features that will be include with ZBrush 4 core functionality.

Preview video available at