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PixCap Launches Browser-Based 3D Design Platform Update

More intuitive interface, extensive 3D template library, and collaboration tools make content creation faster and easier for use across social media, games, graphic design, and the metaverse.

Browser-based 3D design platform PixCap has unveiled its next generation of 3D design tools that enable designers, even those with no 3D training, to create and edit professional 3D digital content more easily and quickly. This upgraded version contains a more intuitive interface and a library of over 1,000 3D templates. The platform aims to meet increasing demand for 3D content across social media, games, graphic design, and the metaverse. The company already serves over 20,000 users from over 60 countries.

Designers can use PixCap’s library of 3D templates (multiple objects) and models (singular objects) – or import their own – by simply dragging and dropping them into their project for further editing. The platform’s full-feature editor allows editing and customizing of templates and models, including lighting adjustments, adding shadows, tweaking character poses, and editing object materials to fit brand colors. In addition to 3D scene editing, the update improves on its previous version’s 3D animations, with users able to rapidly fine-tune animations.

Teams can now collaborate on projects by accessing work-in-progress concurrently and sharing feedback through the platform’s commenting tool. In addition, final images or animation scenes can be exported unlimited times in various formats, such as images (JPG, PNG), videos (MP4, GIF), and 3D files (GLB, FBX).

PixCap uses a freemium pricing model, offering a free tier for beginners and a range of monthly and annual pricing plans for individual users, design professionals, and enterprises. Continued development and updates promise future new feature rollouts, such as more collaboration functions and user contributions to the 3D templates and models library.

Source: PixCap

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