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‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Reboot Rises from Davey Jones’ Locker

‘Chernobyl’ writer Craig Mazin joins Disney’s iconic franchise reboot, while Jack Sparrow sails solo into the horizon. 

Avast yee mateys! Craig Mazin (Chernobyl, The Hangover III) has joined the crew of the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot alongside longtime Pirates writer Ted Elliott. The script ran aground earlier this year when the original writers, partners Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Deadpool, Zombieland), jumped ship. The newest Pirates film is set to ignore the five previous films altogether… with Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) set not to reappear; he will officially become the worst pirate that no one has ever heard of. Speculation has it that Depp’s exclusion is most likely due to the serious, ongoing sexual abuse allegations made by his ex-wife Amber Heard (Aquaman, The Rum Diary) that first surfaced during their contentious divorce proceedings.

Despite Sparrow’s cult following, Disney remains confident that the franchise will thrive without the swashbuckling Captain of the Black Pearl. Rumors strongly indicate that the reboot will be led by Karen Gillan (Jumanji and Guardians of the Galaxy) as Redd, the redheaded female pirate seen on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride. While the franchise will never be the same without our iconic captain, perhaps it’s time for audiences to set sail on a different Pirates adventure. Part of the ship, part of the crew!

Now in early development, the new Pirates film will be led at the helm by longtime franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure).

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