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‘Piper’s Pony Tales’ Preschool Series Launching on YouTube

Epic Story Media teams up with Milkcow Media on an all-new stop-motion / CG show that illustrates the power of roleplay and imagination; in the series, Piper and her friends make up stories about their toy horses, that magically come to life.

Epic Story Media Inc. (ESM) and Milkcow Media have teamed up to co-produce a new short form series Piper’s Pony Tales, created by Milkcow Media’s Alexander Bar (Ricky Zoom, Wolf Joe, Ranger Rob, Mike the Knight). The series, targeted at preschoolers, brings the world of ponies to life through kids’ imagination using highly articulated puppets and stop-motion / CG.

The series launches this month on a dedicated YouTube channel with Epic Story Media handling all licensing and merchandising, and global content distribution. ESM has signed Breyer Horses as the Master Toy partner for the project in North America and LATAM and is currently in discussion with other global partners for toy and broadcast placement. Breyer, a division of Reeves International, Inc, is the number one maker of authentic, premium, and collectible model horses in North America since 1950.

In the series, Piper loves to daydream about having a pony of her very own. But, for now, the closest thing she has is her toy horse, Spark, and her stable playset. Piper has turned her playroom at home into a sprawling setting for making up “Pony Tales.” Together with her best friends, Casey, and Paloma, the three use their well-loved toy ponies to act out exciting adventures. When Piper makes up stories about her best horse friends, they magically come to life. Through the power of her roleplay and imagination Piper unlocks fantastic adventures for herself and her friends.

The show features DIY, craft-like sets, to encourage kids to use their own imagination to create their own stories at home. Piper’s Pony Tales has received financial support from the Shaw Rocket Fund and the Canada Media Fund through the CMF-SRF Kids Digital Animated Series Program.

“We are so proud of Piper’s Pony Tales – from its premise of unlocking kids’ imagination so that they can create magic in their own homes, to the diverse leading cast and the unique style we’re pioneering to bring them to life,” commented Epic Story Media president and founder Ken Faier. “We are excited to have a strong partner in Breyer, whose expertise has helped us to make sure we remain true to the equestrian way and provided valuable consultation in the development of Piper’s core brand values.”

“As part of the leading equestrian lifestyle brand of toys, gifts, collectibles, and experiences, it is exciting to be part of introducing preschoolers to the enchanting world of horses,” added Breyer president Tony Fleischmann. “Piper’s Pony Tales will create long lasting memories of horse play and a love of horses.”

Source: Epic Story Media