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PipelineFX Releases Qube! 6.7

Render farm management software adds faster bulk submission, Yosemite OS X platform support, and variable controls for submitted jobs.

Los Angeles, CA -- PipelineFX, creator of the leading render farm management software for visual effects, announced the release of Qube! 6.7, delivering more speed, stability and variable control options for professional VFX and design studios. 

“Needing extra rendering power quickly isn’t new, and it isn’t going away,” said Richard Lewis, CEO of PipelineFX. “Studios are scaling up their pipelines, and they need something that can handle the volume without breaking down. Qube! is their best bet.”

New Qube! 6.7 Features

  • Job Modification: Job environment variables can now be modified after jobs have been submitted, allowing wranglers to change settings and parameters for anything in action.
  • Faster Bulk Submission: The deferred creation of table data during bulk job submission dramatically increases the speed of launching renders.
  • Platform Support Upgrades: Now compatible with Yosemite OS X 10.10.
  • WranglerView Improvements: Now 5x faster, thanks to tuned database queries and the ability to control size of log data.
  • Distributed Rendering Controls for 3ds Max Users: The option to launch a job and then add resources as they become available will improve render throughput for companies leveraging their desktops for rendering.

A recent shift in Qube!’s development schedule will also bring new additions to users even faster now. Important benchmarks like speed and stability will continue to see improvements, and exciting new additions like enhanced UIs, greater farm control, and more in-depth reporting are being developed now.

Source: PipelineFX

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