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PipelineFX is Cloud-Ready on Google Cloud Platform

Mature render farm management system provides direct link to Google Cloud Platform for visual effects, post-production and broadcast studios.

LOS ANGELES -- PipelineFX, a leader in render farm management for visual effects, announced that it has become a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Technology Partner. Using Qube! and Google Cloud Platform, artists can now overcome the resource issues that hold studios back.

With maxed-out render farms and sudden scope changes on the rise, the need for a secure cloud option has become essential. After months of research, PipelineFX concluded Google Cloud Platform provided the best solution for a user base that includes high-profile companies like Disney, Mackevision, MPC and Moonbot Studios. Qube!’s innate compatibility with GCP’s solutions for media rendering has made the pairing even more seamless.

“Qube! and Google Cloud Platform fit together perfectly,” said Richard Lewis, CEO of PipelineFX. “We didn’t even have to write new code. Whether our users want to dispatch from a local farm to the cloud or from a GCP supervisor to their local system, Qube! just works.”

By joining the Technology Partner program, PipelineFX can now continue to optimize Qube! for the Google Cloud Platform. While Qube! will be immediately effective on most systems, the PipelineFX support team can help users with unique pipelines initiate, troubleshoot and optimize their farms for GCP. GCP is also available to address common topics like establishing a VPN or choosing the best methods for transfers and synching.  

“Operating at 100% capacity is how studios save money,” added Lewis. “It’s time to bring those savings to the cloud.”

Source: Pipeline FX