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Pipeline Expo to Showcase DreamWorks Animation and Pixomondo

Production Pipeline Expo will showcase a DreamWorks Animation session on the Art of “The Croods” and “Turbo” and a Pixomondo session about the FX work included within Universal Pictures’ hit film “Oblivion.”

Hollywood, CA -- The inaugural Production Pipeline Expo, which will be held May 3-4 at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, will showcase two special sessions. DreamWorks Animation will present a session on the Art of The Croods and Turbo, while Pixomondo will present a session about the FX work included within Universal Pictures’ hit film Oblivion. The announcement was made by the expo's founder/originator Anthony Horn, most recently Director of Marketing and Development for the Visual Effects Society. 

On Friday, May 3rd, at 10 AM, on the Main Stage at Raleigh Studios, DreamWorks Animation presents “The Art of the Croods and Turbo.” DreamWorks personnel Jane Hartwell, Markus Manninen, Susan Rogers and Shaun Phillips will host the session.

On Saturday, May 4th, at 10 AM, on the Main Stage at Raleigh Studios, Pixomondo presents “The Making of Oblivion” -- a look at the Visual Effects featured within Universal Pictures’ hit film Oblivion. Pixomondo personnel Gavyn Thompson and Fiona Campbell will host the session.

Also, on the 3D Stage on Saturday, May 4th, at 11AM, Casey Hupke will present a session entitled “Create Jaw-Dropping VFX with CINEMA 4D Thinking Particles."   

Among the latest guest speakers and their session titles also appearing within the inaugural Production Pipeline Expo are:

  • Bryn Pryor - Filmmaker, “Directors on VFX”
  • Ryan Kingslien - ZBrush Sculptor, “Digital Artistry Workshop: Zbrush Techniques”
  • Robert Taylor - Pendulum Studios, “Active-LED Optical Mocap, MotionBuilder, and the Unreal Engine”
  • Alex Santo - Stereo Fusion, “DAM: Past, Present and Future”
  • Ruben Perez - Render Rocket, “Understanding the Cloud”
  • Stephen Burns - Photoshop expert/writer, “Digital Artistry Workshop: Compositing”
  • Sean Santiago - Stereoscopic Supervisor, “The Future of VFX Editing”
  • Nick Tesi - TNG Visual Effects, “3D Scanning Techniques”

The Production Pipeline Expo 2013, to be held May 3-4 at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, has been designed as a full blown visual effects and animation event, complete with expert panels, "must see" presentations, best in class educational sessions, provocative speakers, and an unprecedented level of attendee talent with an eye on new opportunities. The expo will address the creation, development, management, and delivery of content across film, television, and games along all the disciplines involved within an actual production pipeline, with special attention paid to all major portions of the creation process.

For comprehensive information about this event, please see:

In addition to guest speakers, special presentations and panels, a number of creative disciplines involved in the production pipeline process will be presented on the Expo's Showroom Floor. These disciplines include:

  • Lighting & Rendering
  • Look Development & Element Shoots
  • Modeling and Texture
  • Compositing
  • Animation and Visual Effects
  • Previs & Film Scans
  • Roto and Plate Prep
  • Rigging & Grading
  • Tracking & Match Movement
  • High Dynamic Range Photos 

The inaugural Production Pipeline Expo has secured a number of major corporate sponsors, including DreamWorks Animation, Marvel, Nvidia, TNG Visual Effects, Wacom, Assimilate, Blackmagicdesign,, PhaseSpace, Faceware Technologies, Inc., and Animation Magazine, among others. 

Source: Production Pipeline Expo

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