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Picture Shop Unveils Newly Renovated, Expanded Facilities in Hollywood

The Sunset and Seward post-production facilities location offers 115,000 square feet across 6 floors that include 5 D.I. theaters, 13 color bays, and 22 online edit rooms.

Picture Shop, Streamland Media’s picture division, has expanded and extensively renovated its Sunset and Seward picture post-production facilities, both located in the heart of Hollywood.  

The 6040 Sunset Boulevard facility sits in 115,000 square feet located over six floors at the Sunset Gower Studio lot. With five color bays and 11 edit rooms included in the expansion, the Sunset facility now offers filmmakers five first-class D.I. theaters, 13 color bays, 22 online edit rooms and 55 offline rental rooms as well as newly modified common spaces and meeting rooms, all designed by architect Bruce Bolander. 

Home to Streamland Media’s global headquarters, the Sunset complex also houses Ghost VFX, Streamland Media’s visual effects division, and Picture Head, Streamland Media’s marketing division.  The divisions all securely connect to locations around the world with access to the company’s global talent pool. The production, operations and support teams located at the Sunset facility will offer 24/7 client assistance. 

Nearby, the facility located at 861 Seward also boasts new renovations. Long recognized as an A-list color grading environment in a smaller, boutique setting, the locations feature two state-of-the art grading theaters with a third theater opening this spring. All have direct high-speed connectivity to the main Sunset facility, as well as the Burbank facility. Production, operations, and support teams at the facilities will offer 24/7 client assistance.

Picture Shop’s recent credits include Oscar-nominees The Fablemans, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, Women Talking and the upcoming The Little Mermaid.

In addition to its Los Angeles facilities, Picture Shop locations include New York, Toronto, and Vancouver with international locations in the UK that include London, Manchester, Bristol, Wales and at Pinewood Studios.

“We’ve invested millions of dollars to ensure that we have world-leading technology and optimum environments in place for color grading, editorial, and workflow management, with the goal of serving our clients at the highest level,” said Picture Shop President Cara Sheppard. “We’ve spent our time focusing on their needs, putting the industry’s most advanced tools in their hands, all in a beautiful and stylish environment that fuels creativity. The team has done an incredible job and I look forward to seeing our clients’ work take flight.”

Source: Picture Shop

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