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Phil Roman Set To Turn RKO Pics Into Animated Features

RKO Pictures has teamed with Phil Roman, CEO of Phil Roman Entertainment, to turn their vintage flicks into animated features. First, RKO chairman-CEO Ted Hartley and Roman will executive produce toon versions of SINBAD THE SAILOR (1946), BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE (1952) and the Three Musketeers film, AT SWORD'S POINT (1952). "Well make them kid friendly," Roman said about the interpretation of the RKO library. "Maybe have a kid as the main character. There is so many ways to adapt them and I dont want to have a formula. Each film is going to have its own challenges. Its just finding the best way to tell the story. To me thats the fun part of doing these films." The flicks will be direct-to-video with RKO set to handle worldwide distribution. The famed Hollywood studio plans to use some of the money made to beef up its growing Internet division. However, RKO is still looking for seed money and partners to finance the films. Roman told AWN that currently RKO and Phil Roman Entertainment are interviewing writers for SINBAD. Roman also said, once financing is secured, production will take approximately 12 months for each feature.

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