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Phil Roman And Atomic Cartoons To Co-Produce Atomic Betty

Six-time Emmy-winner Phil Roman and his Studio City, California-based Phil Roman Entertainment company have signed a co-production deal with Vancouvers Atomic Cartoons to develop and produce ATOMIC BETTY, a new half-hour TV series. Phil Roman commented, All of us at Phil Roman Entertainment are excited about our new association with the young, energetic and talented team at Atomic Cartoons. We are delighted to be working on ATOMIC BETTY, a project that is both unique and distinctive. Samantha Daley, Atomic Cartoons producer, said, We are extremely excited to be working with Phil Roman on ATOMIC BETTY. Phil is an animation guru and his experience will surely make an already great property even better. According to Daley, The show follows the imaginary adventures of Atomic Betty, the outer-space alter-ego of a young stay-at-home girl named Betty. Even though ATOMIC BETTY is based on a girl, we feel the show will reach both genders because it follows one little girls way of dealing with the unfamiliar and sometimes difficult world of childhood. Romans company, along with RKO, are currently slated to develop and produce feature length animated films from RKOs extensive film library. These will include SINBAD THE SAILOR, BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE and THE FOURTH MUSKETEER. Atomic founders Trevor Bentley, Mauro Casalese, Olaf Miller and Emmy-winner Rob Davies have directed a multitude of animation projects and provided pre-production on over 100 half-hours of television animation including Warner Brothers THE ZETA PROJECT, Film Romans THE OBLONGS and Nelvanas PELSWICK.