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Phantom's A $100M Phenomenon On VHS

One week after THE SIXTH SENSE broke records on video, PHANTOM MENACE doubled the SENSE's first week total in only two days. "VHS is still alive and well, despite reports from others to the contrary," said Fox spokesman Steve Feldstein. Fans of STAR WARS were disgruntled over George Lucas' decision not to release the new installment on DVD. Nonetheless, they were not alienated enough to boycott the VHS release of EPISODE I. The video has made an estimated US$100 million in just two days and is forecasted to reach $200 million in its first week in release. The estimated figures for the videos total gross are about $350 million, which would launch the home release past Fox's INDEPENDENCE DAY as the second largest-selling live-action title of all time, behind TITANIC. When released in May 1999 in the States, PHANTOM grossed a record breaking $102.7 million in its first five days in theatres. The video release will easily make that much in only three days.

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